We the People

Once upon a time…

There was a band in search of a name and a songwriter in search of a song publisher. The band recorded songs written by Walt Hoagland including a nostalgia song titled:  We the People 

It has been noticed in recent years by millions of “We the People” that the USA has a debt of trillions and trillions of dollars.

                                                                                “We the People want to know…

                                                                                  where did all the money go?”

                                                                                  goes the song…

                                                                                  The band concluded…we are people too! 

                                                                                  We are…

                                         We the People

                                                                                       So, the band had a name and went on to record many songs. Songs about the times in which we live, songs about life on the southern coast, songs of love and friendship, Christmas and even a movie star – Tom Hanks.

The songs are perhaps best described as Americana, Country, Country-Rock and some genres somewhere in between.

“As a songwriter,” says Walt Hoagland, “I try to write songs that people will simply enjoy, songs that make people smile, remember past times, songs that make people tap their foot and sing along. Songs that make people relax and want to hear them again.”

By the way, there is still a songwriter in search of a publisher.

We the People has also recorded songs for two additional albums. The release dates will be determined in the near future.

Please access the provided links for song samples…and thanks for visiting our site and for listening.  Also, thanks for passing along good information about our band and songs.

Walt Hoagland, Ed Dennis, Ken Thomas, Gary Thomas are the four main troublemakers, the other musicians who contributed to these albums are acknowledged on the released CDs.

                  We the People



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Walt Songs                                                                                                           

I Found Out                                 I Don’t Know Why I Waited So Long                          

I Love Her, I like It                      What Will We Do With Our Lives                              

Maybe                                          You Say                                                                               

We the People                            Micro, Fridge and WiFi                                               

Colorado in Her Eyes                  I Believed You Then                                                          

Live Music, Free Parking            Goin’ To The Store                                                      

Here We Are                                Hope That Hurricane Ain’t Comin’ After Me           

Shelley                                          Once A Week                                                                     

We Won’t Miss Each Other      You Were Supposed To Be Here With Me               

A New Love Song                          Pretty Blue Eyes                                                                 

Saturn – The Death of a Car       I Can Only Love You

She’s Only Gettin’ Better           You Gotta Come to Nashville

Rock ‘n’ Roll Country Song         It’s So Much Trash To Me

Thanks, Tom Hanks                     Bad News                                                   

My Love                                        Saturday Side of Town- Co-writer:  Rick Wheeler                                   

Don’t Know If I Told You           Take That Guitar Ride – Co-writer: Ed Dennis

All My friends

Walt Songs - Christmas

I Hope I Make it Through Another Christmas

I’ll Be Going Home For Christmas

The Christmas Cards

We Need To Take Good Care of Christmas

The Best Christmas I Ever Had


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